The Butler Didn't Do It!

We're back and better than ever!  

Did you know that hosting a party can be MURDER!

Thinking about adding a little pizzazz to your next celebration? You can be the "Death of the Party", all it takes is a Butler game and some friends who want to have the time of their lives...or perhaps, their DEMISE!



Our murder mystery party games are downloadable (we simply email the files that compose the game).  Purchasing a downloadable murder mysteryparty game will save you postage and you will receive your order the very same day, if not within a few hours as we check our order line frequently.  We can now send our product world wide and remember, these games were created in the USA!  Once you place an order, you will receive an automatic confirmation.  Please note that we check our order line four times a day - 7:00 A.M., Noon, 5:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. (EST) and more frequently during the Halloween and Christmas season.  Once we receive your order, we will email the files that compile the game.    

Please note that there are no complicated links or passwords to deal with...simply open the emailed files.


"The Butler Didn't Do It!" is a series of original murder mystery party games with a unique format and comedic flair, designed for home or office parties, holiday parties, fundraisers, etc.  The storylines are full of wacky characters from bygone eras, the present, and even the future. There's lots of participation for your guests, such as pantomime, quizzes, anagrams to solve, and dance contests (depending on the game).

Why choose "The Butler Didn't Do It!" over the others? The answer is very simple. These murder mystery party games are designed for fun-loving partiers who want to be entertained, want to laugh, and want the opportunity to participate in a "crime" and portray another, if just for an evening. The games are easy and fun to play.  There's no interrogation involved, no note pads required, and definitely NO pressure.  Also - A party agenda located in the "Hosting Guide" is included in every game which will tell the host/s what to do and when to do it, so that the game runs smoothly everytime.  Everything has been prepared for the host/s and guests and all that's required is to "assemble your costume" for the occasion and be ready to have a great time! 

The murder mystery party games are designed for 16 players ($29.95) and most are available in larger versions that can accommodate up to 24 players ($44.95).  Each game includes equal number of female and male roles. We have also revised several of our games for teens.  In each storyline, there are eight main suspects and only the host/s knows their identities as he or she will assign the roles. The host/s can also play along by simply having an envelope ready, print out the solution (no peeking) and seal the envelope until party night.  The invitations, written in MicroSoft Word will include the storyline and list of characters, but the main suspects will only be known to the host/s.  Simply fill in the blanks and email the invitation to your guests, thus saving on time and postage). 

For larger groups we also offer a "Supplemental Packet" ($17.50) that includes an additional 8 "generic" roles that will fit into most of the themes that focus on "murder".

The party games are composed of several files including a "Hosting Guide" which should be opened first.  The Guide will explain the simple rules of play and other information to guide the host/s and guests to an exciting evening.  It is not necessary to print out the entire guide.  Files that you will want to print are the party agenda, clue cards, evidence cards, scripts, name tags (on light weight card stock if possible), voting ballots, solutions, and award certificates.  Some games also include additional evidence in the form of letters, newspaper clippings, diary excerpts, anagrams etc.  A suggested menu and recipes (optional) are also included, some of which are named after characters in the storyline.  So, now it's time to check out our party themes and get ready for an evening of masquerade, mystery and, of course, MURDER!


Thank you and happy partying!


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It is not the intention of "The Butler Didn't Do It!©" to offend or insult any one person, group, nationality, religion, race. These murder mystery party games have been created to be enjoyed with an open mind and a sense of humor...for what is life without laughter?